Eternal masks

I guess you can’t explain it, two young souls baited in a losing game. Well played, your effort shone through my dark skies; reminisce of times where you were all I wanted, all I needed, now empty bottles and lonely nights are all that await me, my remedy. Cast a spell on me, fists clinched with your heart on my shoulders let your lips be my gateway to forever. My drug, being consumed by another can’t let my despair wash away your faith, my biggest regret all in one. Ash trays, red lips, those hips and oh your smile, you’re my perfect recipe.  Suicide games and coffee brighten up his days while I pull away with my eternal mask. The truth is what my heart says it is.


Heaven’s soul

A world of self-destruction wrapped in a sheet of skin, can you prosper through it? 3am dead of night, a young teen with hate streaming down their face, pushed to the brink of uncertainty. Wise father, bold mother, riches of having a family in sync mixed with a clear path to the Holy Grail. Who would’ve though we’d be here, voices that won’t quit, stomach turned in knots. The devil’s will being pushed through, guilty of over bearing thoughts and feelings that will one day come and haunt me. What am I fighting for? A world deepened in hate and ulterior motives, rich get richer and the poor die. Through your conundrum little human, wealth is treacherous even in the hands of angels cause the devil was once a messenger of the almighty. This dark room could be a realm full of light, where rhymes and a voice can shine, if only it was that easy. Now I’m getting seen in a scene with different themes, construction by the devil and I.

I’ll push you to the brink, leave you vulnerable, end it. See you in another set up little human, you haven’t seen anything yet, let me introduce you to hell. This is more then the gram, my followers know who I am, they know my world. You haven’t seen anything yet. Endless pain, a beautiful enigma and so gentle, an unorthodox paradox full of tainted sinners. Let me introduce you to hell.

Put down the razor, you can’t take any more, you’ve opened up more then just wounds, your insecurities have ripened. Smile as your demons push you down, there’s peace in that. Just know your faith is the strongest shield you can carry, a naked soul roaming through life without a feeling of purpose. I’ll be there, a world filled with painless virtue, darkness overturned, and sunshine beaming. And they say little human, dreams are for children so remember your prayers, Hail Mary who ought in heaven deliver me from hell.

Power; the catalyst of humanity’s destruction

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty stuff people, to something we’re aware of but fail to truly comprehend. Humanity is becoming more and more inhumane by the day. We’re destroying everything that makes us unique over other primal species. We’re belittling ourselves and have allowed our basic animalistic instincts to take over. Translation: It’s a fish eat fish world now. There’s no help for the “little guys” anymore, you either take or get taken. There’s no giving without receiving, no voice for reason, no pity. It’s now become an eternal struggle for power, the “big guys” like governments have taken initiative and are in prime position to win the war. “ Feed the poor? Why? Where’s the profit in that?” “ Stop killing people with tobacco? Why when it generates so much money?” “Why are you paying for natural resources? Because we said so!”

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins and perhaps the most potent among the human race, an innate disease that spreads and spreads without any cure. It’s gotten to a point where we’re all driven by our own selfish needs. You think the main reason for the use of money is a tool to support your self and loved ones? Right? Wrong. Money is used for one simple thing and one thing only! Power. The power of the bill has expanded, times have changed and there are more resources there for people who want to obtain it. “ Give them a piece of paper and let them crave more, let them destroy themselves”.


How many of you actually want something right now that money and the power that comes with it can’t buy? I bet you can’t think of three things. Even love itself can be bought. The “big guys” have created an allusion; they want you to feel powerful but only to an extent of course, so that you’ll come back running for more! “Use them as dominoes, wait for them to fall”


Stop for a second and look around you! Hell, look at the people you idolise in your life! Think of the statements that pop in your head when you think about them “ I wish I had their life”,“ I wish I was them” or even “I wish I was his/hers”. You crave the power they have, by buying fancy cars, houses or by simply flaunting that power and wealth; they’ve created a world you now desire. You’ve been controlled and what’s sad is you somehow think you have as sense of free will when really it couldn’t be more far from the truth. They want to use that greed to overpower you, so that you see life as a big game, where you must strive for it all, even if it means using others to get there, there are no more moral values anymore. There are no rules.

They’ve given us politicians with friendly faces so that they can ramble in our ears with false promises. We’ll keep quiet and in check. We won’t truly question what they do, because we’re too busy covering our faces to the facts. Too scared to ask the hard questions, Smiling with them as they control us like puppets. Now if I’m wrong in anything I’ve said so far then please close this tab and go on with your day. “ Tell them this, they won’t know, they can never know”.

Through years and years of evolution and change, what do we have to show for ourselves? An almost polluted planet, the poor left to strive for themselves with barely any resources and of course reality shows, what we have become. Power; the catalyst of humanity’s destruction.

7 Concepts for successful and unsuccessful phases in life

We’re all different in every way. Not one human is the same as the other one. We’ll all have different lives following different paths. Yet while we all have so many differences, one thing that will remain constant in everyone’s life along with growing is the fact we will all experience phases of success and failure in life. These are 7 concepts to remember while going through those successful and unsuccessful phases.


  1. Don’t let pressure from others overwhelm you!
    Pressure is something we all will face at numerous times of our lives by different sources. For example, your parents may want you do to this with your life, while you may be interested in something else. You may feel obliged to live up to certain expectations or continue down a path that may be already set for you. You’ll feel as if nothing you ever do is good enough. STOP! It’s time to realise that continuously allowing these voices to determine your lifestyle will only hurt your ability to be happy. There will only ever be one of you, do not allow others to undermine that uniqueness, it’s time to place your life in your own hands and while pressure can motivate in some instances, too much will have a detrimental effect on your long-term happiness.

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  2. Keep your feet well and truly grounded
    Something I’ve seen regularly is someone letting some success or failure get the better of them and forgetting about the things that made them who they are. We will all face triumphs and troubled times in our lives but do not allow these situations to get the best of you. The best thing to do in these moments is just to remain level headed. Got that promotion you’ve been desperately working for? Great!! Now you have it, why stop there? Why let yourself get too carried away? Something that defines the greatest people who have influenced generations is they never let their minds become too big for themselves. They continued to keep both feet on the ground and continue, through failure and success.

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  1. Your limits are endless! So test yourself!
    There’s nothing that you can’t accomplish if you put your mind to it. Our limits are endless, there’s only one person can say this is the furthest you go on what you accomplish and that’s you. Go out and explore your options, bet on yourself, take risks, chase your dreams. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You failing? Enter a quote from the Haunted Mansion starring Eddie Murphy“ You try, you fail, you try, you fail, but the only true failure is when you stop trying”. Do not be content in your comfort zone, one thing one of my teachers said way back when is the larger your comfort zone is the more you’ll allow yourself to accept challenges and the more you’ll grow from the inside. Make the most of this opportunity we call life.

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  2. It may take you years to figure out what you want and who you are!
    One of the biggest problems people face is they can never seem to figure what they want definitely or that their life lacks direction. They view themselves as somewhat of failures as a result but I’m here to say that you’re allowed to change your mind all through life, whether it may be deciding what field you want to explore as a career or love interests, it’s okay to experiment and find out your natural calling. So if you think at the age of 22 or 35 that you’re seemingly stuck in a limbo you can’t seem to get out of, it’s okay. As life goes on you’ll find yourself and what you want. This isn’t something you should rush, be patient with yourself and let yourself try new things. Do not be afraid of what may happen because things will fall into place if you are willing to accept that nothing is certain.

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  3. You’re allowed to be selfish
    If you truly want to live life to the best, you will have to come to grips that being selfish at times will get you far. Now I know that some of you out there may be incapable of putting your needs first and foremost but think of it this way. If you’re in a relationship and you feel it’s better to call it quits at a certain stage but that person loves you and would rather you stay together. Do you stay with that person just to appease their needs even though you know you’ll be miserable? No! And if you do, don’t. Sometimes placing your happiness and needs has to come first, it’s the only way you’ll learn control your own life as harsh as it may sound. A video on YouTube allowed me to understand better how being selfish can actually be the most selfless thing I’ll be able to do. The link is below.

    simp 2
  4. You’ll be your own worst enemy at times!
    Although you will find people who will criticize and put you down throughout life, there will be no bigger critic than yourself! You will fill doubts into your own head quicker and harsher than anyone else will. Being able to criticize but also motivate yourself in the process is crucial. The worst thing one can do is fill their head with negativity, see past the problems or mistakes you’ll make in life and learn to find ways to use it to better your life. We’re all entitled to make mistakes but dwelling on them and being over critical will only make things worse. Do not also run away from your mistakes or problems, facing them head on and accepting them will give you a clearer head and burden less heart.

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  5. Love life, don’t just live it
    Do not simply just coast through life with the same repetitive routines. You will only get one chance at this. It’s time to make it count. Love every aspect of it, see the beauty in the bad and good times and realise that as long as you love these moments you’ll be happier in the long run. There’s nothing worse than not enjoying life itself. You are unique; let the world see it. Smile in troubling times, love hard, let your mind and heart be enriched and love every hour, minute and second of it.

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Now, before I start saying anything that may offend some people and lead to me being called a sell out or anything like that, I just want to remind people that we’re all entitled to feel how we feel and to have our own opinions. Now with that being said, let’s begin.

If I got a room full of black children and asked them “how many of you want to go through school and become doctors or lawyers?”, and then ask them “how many of you want to go through school and then become rappers, professional athletes or models?” I can guarantee the majority of these kids would place their hands up for the latter.

And in there lies the problem.

Here’s my take on things; my generation and the generations before me have failed our youth. How many of our children will actually become the next Kendrick Lamar, LeBron James or Tyra Banks? Yet they all have their minds set on doing so.

our children are our future.

our children are our future.

Everyone has dreams and everyone is entitled to make the most of their life in their own way, but this hysteria with becoming rich and famous, trying to get into professions that have such high competition is becoming dangerous. It’s not even the fact that these dreams are far fetched, it’s the fact that there’s no thought process behind it!

It’s almost as if they just have their minds so certain they’ll make it that they don’t apply themselves in anything else. School becomes something that they use to pass time and socialize with friends instead of learning. They dismiss the possibility that life may not go the way they want. Getting involved in drugs seems like a more viable way of accessing money rather than applying for a job. They think that partying 24/7, just like their idols do, will prove to everyone that they’re on the right track. They’ll then start challenging authority and trying to stand out so that they can be noticed and eventually blame white society for all their problems. “Oh, it’s white society’s fault that I didn’t do well in school. It’s white society’s fault that I don’t have a job. It’s white society’s fault that I’ve resorted to drugs.” No, it’s damn well not!

 We  the older generations have allowed this type of mindset to creep into our youth. That it’s all somebody else’s fault, not our own. And I get it that people have come from times where they felt suppressed and isolated. And I very well know the struggles we’ve been through in the past but, ladies and gentlemen, it’s 2015. Look at all the resources we have now that we didn’t have before. Look at the opportunities we’re wasting, just look. We cannot allow our children to be clouded by the past and use it as an excuse every time things go wrong.

We are better than that, let’s show it. Let’s be role models for our younger generations so the idols in their lives are not just celebrities. Can you really say you’re doing the upmost best to inspire our youth? How many of our children are getting pregnant at 15,16,17 or 18 and then allowing themselves to live off government benefits and not even striving to better their lives? Is this what you suffered for? Some of us have came from refugee camps and places where hell can be the only comparable situation.

Yet because you’ve come from places like that and you’re now in western society you feel as if you’ve made it right?

You’ve puffed out your chest, held your head high and you’ve done it all right?

You feel as if you have nothing more to offer to the world and the people who could look up to you.

There’s only one word for that and its ignorance. Plain and simple. Coming to places such as Australia should have only been the beginning and not the end.

Some may think of me as some naïve 20-year-old who doesn’t understand what the hell he’s talking about, but I see this sort of thing daily in my local community and it’s alarming. I’m sure most of you out there will turn a blind eye to it and let it wander from your mind, but I for one will not. I owe it to my younger sister, I owe it to my younger cousins, and I owe it to the generations that will look up to us to set an example. Let’s not be our own worst enemies. It’s time to rise up and aspire to do more for ourselves, so that in the future we’ll have more to offer. So that our younger generations can thrive in the opportunities they have.

Stop being so dependent on others! know your worth.

Ever felt too dependent on someone? To a point where you sense they almost know they can stretch and maneuver you however they please because you will allow it?

We all know that finding someone who you can rely on and count upon is a blessing, especially given in this day and age. But how much can you really allow yourself to do that? The obvious example I can give to this is when you find a lover, someone you feel you can share all aspects of your life with while also having a romantic intimacy. Now, I’m a freshly turned 20 year with a identical twin brother for those of you who didn’t know and yes, we share so many of the same characteristics and it almost scares me sometimes because we’re so alike. But there are differences and one particular big difference. One I hate admitting. You see, my brother is someone I believe will never get hurt in life, because he always has the right mindset when it comes to everything, it’s almost as if he’s prepared for all aspects of life, as if he already has all the answers to questions I haven’t yet asked.

One thing I’ve always envied is how well he handles engaging with people; how he’s always able to judge the people he has around him and never let anyone take him for granted. No matter who they are. I’m the type of person who would jump face first in a pool of water and worry about how cold or warm it is later. Yet he’s the type who rather pokes in a toe first and go from there. I wear my heart on my sleeve and in doing so I’m vulnerable. I depend too much on people who I shouldn’t. It’s almost as if I expect things from people when I’m the only one who is capable of doing them. Everyone is different and most importantly, they aren’t you.

Don’t become so dependent on someone that you start expecting things from them. That is a no win situation. Disappointment and resentment will always follow from those expectations. No one was born specifically for you, nor were they born to fulfil your needs. I see this all the time where someone will become so dependent on someone that they’ll abandon their own morals and objections just so they can get some validation and love. Those types of relationships are damaging, not only will you lose yourself but you may overwhelm that person to the point that they will ultimately hurt you without ever meaning too.

Something I’ve learnt recently is that no matter what, we all need to be selfish. We need to love ourselves first and foremost before anyone or anything else. We need to put ourselves on a pedestal above everything. Yes, be close to that person but don’t allow them to determine your happiness. No one should determine your happiness but you. You are the driver of your own life and once you let people decide which turns you make and don’t make is the moment you fail. Appreciate yourself and know your worth. Mistakes are bound to happen from this but wouldn’t you rather know that you were in charge, rather then being directed by someone else and being too dependent on them?

Is “Netflix and chill” the new modern day chivalry?

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl flirt. Boy invites girl to come over for “Netflix and chill” and the rest I will leave to you and your imagination.

Now before I continue going any further with this I want to say that yes, I realise that times change and with that so have people. Things have become more socially acceptable where they were not in the past. But seriously how sad is that saying three words with a question mark can either prove to that girl or boy that you like them or you want them.

What ever happened to chivalry? Where to simply land a date you would have to show total commitment and put yourself out there and show that person you want them more than anyone else. I remember listening to stories from couples that lived in times where there weren’t such things as MacBooks or iPhones, where you would literally have to drive miles in some cases just to communicate to that significant other. I envy those times, as naive as that may sound.

Times back then may have been complicated but there was also a beautiful simplicity about it. You didn’t have to worry about uploading a story on snap chat partying and worrying if that significant other would get jealous or stress over whether or not you were being unfaithful. Now days you should count your lucky stars if that person is willing to show you affection in public.

Guys in particular since the overnight breakout of Netflix have been using it almost as a wingman and thus been trying to “pull” more as a result… sad in a way. I think it’s important to stress the impact that first impressions do have. Everyone wants to nail that first impression and if you like someone even remotely enough to see something there in the future then you should do a lot more than invite them to your little man cave in hopes your junior sees some action – and yes ladies and gentlemen we all know what I’m saying here.

Ladies I’m talking to you specifically now, let’s be realistic here. If you accept that from any guy on the first date and agree to see them knowing that’s the plan then you damn well know what you’re getting into. If that’s what you want then by all means go for it but don’t complain later on down the track when that guy won’t even make an effort to see you when you need them the most or your feelings have completely taken over your heart.

Guys, Ever heard of going on an actual date to a restaurant – and no I don’t mean your local Hungry Jacks drive through. Let that person feel special, go somewhere nice, do something different. Now most of us aren’t millionaires so by all means don’t go crazy and think dining them to a five star complete meal when all you have is $100 to your name is the way to go. Plan something that is nice or spontaneous but doesn’t look like you’re trying to hard.

An example I can and will use is when you’re about to have a job interview. You want them to absolutely love you and what you stand for and you want them to feel as if you’re the best thing for them, the same effort you put into that is the same effort you should put into a first date. This is a point where I believe everyone should take some pride In themselves and to let their inner ego drive them in a sense. You show that way that you really are a genuinely nice human being and more importantly that you have some etiquette. I know some of you must thing I’m being prudish or arrogant in a way, I assure you this is not the case. I’m simply stating the facts and being honest, as in your face as it may be.

I’m also not even trying to convey the message that all guys are like that or that you should avoid that “Netflix and chill” scenario completely at all because that’s all some people may want. But If you think you can see a future with a person who doesn’t even make a suggestion of doing something other than laying in bed watching a movie awkwardly while trying to constantly give you the “eye” on the first date then please for your own sake do not get your hopes too high up because you will get disappointed later.

come over and watch Netflix and chill....yeah right.

come over and watch Netflix and chill….yeah right.

Just about everyone over 30 I know who I talk to constantly tells me how easy our generation has it and how easy we take things for granted easily. Our generation and society has let us become incredibly lazy and we’re slowly taking more things for granted, others around us included. The times where chivalry and romance were alive and true are now truly dead, now comes the age of “Netflix and chill” on first dates.